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Digital marketing in the 21st century and beyond


Marketing was defined with just four simple words as “Satisfying customer needs profitably”, when this process was initiated in the late 19th Century and then took a few strides in the early and late 20th Century. With the advent of the digital age and especially the internet, the process of Marketing has grown in leaps and bounds, and is today used extensively to promote, sell and distribute various  

Before the internet became what it is today, marketing personnel had to depend on the print media to get their message across, but today they can get their message across the world in seconds, with online marketing, using the internet.

Advertisers could also use search engine marketing or referred mostly by it’s popular acronym, sem, techniques to promote their products and services. This is a process where you use free and paid pages of the two main search marketing providers Bing and Yahoo, to your benefit. This is a multi-billion dollar industry with many using this to bring their products and services, closer to consumers to their homes or even to their palms if they are carrying the relevant communication tools.

Every digital marketing agency working on behalf of their respective clients and using digital marketing medians will strive hard to have their products on search engine optimization. Working in collaboration with the seo company they will coin the right key words to head the seo when that product is searched.

Melbourne SEOhas been in the forefront providing their clients the best seo services and taking their products and services to the pinnacle of many marketing successes. With an energetic digital marketing agency and seo company at your disposal, branding your products and services becomes easier.

Digital marketing can be called the “New kid on the block” in communication medians to bring products and services to the attention of prospective customers. During the early stages the marketing tools that were used was limited to very basic medians, and largely depended on the print media.

With the advent of the internet, wireless text messages, mobile and instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards and digital television the world has become a very small place. Today online marketing companies can monitor closely how a product or service is being accessed for information on it by prospective customers and change strategies at the drop of a pin. It has become that simple today.


Fall of the west

biohistory : Decline and Fall of the West” the laboratory researched, documented and theoretical bestseller by an academic of no mean repute has created an awareness in western society of the dangers it is facing to it’s own existence.

According to the best seller by Dr. Jim Penman PhD, biological forces were responsible for the rise, fall and destruction of the great Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Inca civilizations and are now initiating similar forces for the annihilation of western society.

Though the evidence is right before our eyes we have failed to take serious note of the subtle changes in human DNA which is changing our identity gradually unknown to us and we are passing these changes to our offspring too.

Humans pass on genetics through DNA to our offspring, but unknown to us we also pass on other habits which would eventually integrate into their genes and pass on from generation to generation. These habits could be detrimental to the well being of society at large, the consequences of which could bring about the fall of civilizations like what has happened in the past.

The population growth in the west is slowly receding, robust economies are declining, democratic institutions are failing and the society is becoming restless. The biohistory foundation the brainchild of Dr. Penman has been vigorously trying to bring this very dangerous issue to the notice of the powers that be and the book is another median for highlighting his theory.

Comparing the biohistory of two of our closest cousins the Gibbons and the Baboons with ours in laboratory research has proved beyond a shade of doubt what we are in store for in the years to come into the future.


Work and live in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is today one of the most peaceful and stable countries in this part of the world. The last Presidential elections held on the 8th of January 2015, in Sri Lanka demonstrated our commitment to uphold democracy and democratic institutions. The peaceful transition of power from the former Executive President to the incumbent, demonstrated to the world community our high esteem to uphold the values of democracy in this country.

The outcome of the last Presidential election alone should encourage those Sri Lankans domiciled abroad and other non-Sri Lankans to seriously consider taking up employment in this country and support the people of this little resplendent island in the Indian Ocean to bounce back economically and socially. With the new Government professing good governance and equality for all, working and living here would be set at a very high bar. The future of Sri Lanka on the horizon is looking bright and those with expertise in areas which would help this country are welcome with open arms.

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